Thursday, April 16, 2009

Transfer blog ownership

Q:I decided to start a new blog with one of my accounts and registered it, but a couple days later decided to use the blog under a different account. So, I deleted the blog with the old account but when I went to the new account and tried to register the name, it said the blog name is not available. I did a search on google blogsearch and the blog does nto exist, so why is it still telling me the name isn't available?

Because once you register a blogname it's associated only with the account that originally registered it, This is a security feature to prevent cybersquaters and spammers from immediately taking over your old blog and putting crap there, You can get around this by simply go back to the original account that you registered the blogname with, recreate the blog and then go into the Permissions and make your new account an administrator then after you accept administratorship in your new account simply remove your old account as an administrator and you should be all set.
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