Saturday, January 30, 2010

A blog is called a post in Blogger!

Q: When I try to log in it says my username is not found, but when I typed it in to receive a new password I got the email right away. Any ideas?
A: It is probable that you might have inadvertently created more than one account. One with your blog associated with it and the other one not associated with any blog (yet).

Incidentally in Blogger we do not call a blog, a blog. We call it "post". It is common for new bloggers to get confused with our terminology. They tend to refer to a post as a blog (in wordpress, myspace, facebook, friendster, livejournal, typepad, multiply, hi5...)

So, next time to create another blog, click on new post! (do not click create a blog)


My blog is locked as spam!

Q; How do I unlock my blog which has been locked as spam?

A: This link may help you:

Revert widget templates to default

Q:My reader can't post a comment on my blog, why?

A: These threads may have a cure for some comment problems:

Friday, January 29, 2010

When is a blog not a blog?

Q: How to re-activate old account?  I created this account in 2004 and stopped updating it in 2005. I can still log in with my email and password. I would very much like to start using it again, but when I sign in it doesn't appear within the account and I can't figure out how to edit it...

A: If you use the word "updating" it means that you have a blog with some contents in it in 2005. It is apparent to me that you have created more than one account. On your dashboard now, if you do not see your blog, please do not click "create a blog".

Unlike other blogging platforms (word press, my space, typepad, livejournal, multiply, facebook, friendster, hi5), on Blogger, we do not call a blog, a blog. When you wish to make a new blog, you should click on "new post". Other wise you would be creating blog after blog and not posts; just like this one here: which has not even one post.

If you do not see your blog (It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings) on your dashboard after signing in, you are signed in to a different account which is not associated with this blog. Similarly, you could have created more than one blog and you could have created more than one account.

You can spend a long time sorting out your accounts.
Perhaps this link will help you:


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Web page friendly display

Q: How do I convert html tags to web page friendly display?
A: Please paste the codes inside the box here:
and press the "convert" button.
Copy the result into your web page. The hyper link will not be active any more.

Photos at the top

Q: Photos appear at very top of blog, not within post text, why?
A: Apparently you are not using the updated editor (which allows you to upload photos at your cursor position inside the post editor.)

You need to switch to the new updated editor.
1. Go to settings, basic.
2. Scroll down to "select post editor".
3. Choose "updated editor"
4. Save settings.

Here is a link about the features of the new editor:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Order of posts

Q: Displaying old posts then new post at main blog page how i can do this ?
A: If you wish to change the order of only 2 posts on your blog, change the date in "post options" for the second post, (intro to ISOSS"). e.g. Jan 25th 2010.
Publish post.
It will now appear on top of the other post dd Jan 24th 2010.
Problems may arise when you add a 3rd post tomorrow dd Jan 26th 2010. If will go to the top!

So, if you wish to have one particular post always showing first, you need to make it into a sticky post.
Go to your dashboard, edit post, post options.
Scroll down and change 25th Jan 2010 to a future date (25th Jan 2011)
Publish post. (This post will now stick to the top of your page until the future date).

Note: If you publish a new post with a future date, you have created a "scheduled post" and not a "sticky post". Your post will disappear and publish only on that date (2011).

If you are still unhappy and wish to add more posts below all existing posts, you can also do it.
Publish your 3rd post tomorrow (26/1/10); but edit/change the date to Jan 23rd 2010
For your 4th post, the date will have to be edited to Jan 22nd 2010 etc....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creating a hyperlink

,Q: How do I get links in my posts to be clickable and take you to a certain website?

A: In your post editor:
1. select/highlight any word in your text.
2. click on the word "Link" on the tool bar (next to the photo upload icon)
3. A new window opens, asking you: To what URL should this link go?
4. type or paste inside the box, any URL you know (or copy from your address bar)
5. click on "test this link" to check that URL is correct, close the test window.
6. click OK
7. The link word or text automatically turns blue and underlined (becoming a hyperlink)
8. publish post

<a href="URL">click here</a>


Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick editor

Q: How do I remove the editing tools on my blog (screwdriver)?
A: Please don't worry about the quick edit icons for gadgets. Other people cannot see them. You can see them now because you are signed on to your blog. Sign off and even you cannot see them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Comment spams

Q: How can I stop comment spams?
A: You can try moderating your comments.
Go to settings, comments, comments moderation (select always),
show word verification for comments (select yes).
Save settings.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Add me!

Q: How do I add people to my blog? also How can I send them a request to add me to theirs?
A: Blogger is not really a social blogging platform like FaceBook. We don't "add" friends to our blog.
You can "follow" a blog if you wish and you can place a follower gadget in the side bar to "allow" others to follow your blog. If you feel extra generous, you can also add a subscribe gadget in your side bar to allow your viewers to subscribe to your blog. It is listed as feed and subscription links (under gadget>>basic). All viewers need to do is click on these icons and choose the way they wish to receive feeds from your blog. This will activate an email to them every time you make a new post.


Delete profile, blog

Q: How do I delete a blog and user profile?
A: profile
Please go to your dashboard and click on "edit profile".
un-check all the boxes (including the first item "share my profile"), remove your photo and clear data in all other boxes (replace data with fictitious info if compulsory) Save profile.

Please don't do it. Deleting a blog merely puts it out of your reach. It benefits no one. You lost control of it. Make it instead, into a stub blog. First deleting all the posts on it and removing all other personal details. Then leave it.

but if you insist...
delete blog
Sign on using your ID and password here:
Go to dashboard and click on:
1. settings
2. basic (under "blog tools" you have 3 options. One of them is "delete blog")
3. delete blog
4. delete this blog

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Q: How can I have a link on my blog open a new page when someone clicks on it?
A: Try this:
<a href="URL">word</a>
where URL is a new web page or blog address (http://new web
and word is the link word (text) which you click, to open another window which takes you to the new web page.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wrap text around photos

Q: How do I post text alongside a picture rather than above or below?
A: Post your photos first above or below text.
Then edit post by changing photo size to small/medium and placement to left/ right.
The text will automatically wrap around the smaller size photos if there is available space.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Q: I would like my header to be a bit it stands out more, how can it be enlarged?
A: Please go to layout, fonts and colors.
In the small window on the left, scroll down and click on blog title font (or blog description font).
Change Font Size by clicking larger (or smaller), a few times.
Save changes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

About me

Q: I accidentally removed public access to "about me" and can't figure out how to restore it.
A: Please go to your dashboard and click on "edit profile".
Tick the first item "share my profile"
Save profile.

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