Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photos unclickable

Q: How do I make photos unclickable?



Q: How do I turn my blog into a book?


embedded comments

Q: How do I embed comments right under my posts?


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remove tools icon.

Q: How do I remove the tools icon?

A: Rose DesRochers has the answer:


Q: How do I make it easier for readers to leave comments?

A: If you are not worried about spammers, please go to settings, comments.
Remove all the filters and restrictions.

Who Can Comment?   Anyone
Comment moderation:  Never
Show word verification for comments?  No

Save settings.


My blog is not spam

Q: Why blogger erased my blog? It is not spam.

A: This thread may help you:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How do I contact Google?

Q: How can I contact Google by telephone or email?
A: You cannot talk to a Google employee. Blogger is a free service. Money is not available for setting up a help desk to serve 120 million bloggers, world wide, who do not speak the same language (English).

Helpful threads to read:

Add a blog list

Q: How do I add a link on my blog from blogs I follow ?
A: Please try using a blog list in your sidebar.
Go to layout/design, add a gadget.
Click on "+" (next to blog list), add to list
Fill in the box with a URL (blog you follow)
Click add, save.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A post is not called a blog on Blogger.

Q: When I press create blog, it leads me to joining "Bloggers" instead of directing my people to write a blog on my site.
A: On Blogger, these terms are used differently. We refer to a web site as a blog. Blogs, we call them: posts.

This explains why so many new users (from other blogging platforms) are misled into creating more than one account.The next day, they sign on to the new account and do not see their blog on the dashboard and their next question is: where is my blog?

I want that URL

Q: How do I get the name of an existing blog which has not been used in 5 years?
Blog name can be shared by many blogs; but blog address (URL) has to be unique.
Even if you manage to contact the owner and he agrees to delete his blog, the URL is still not available to you. You need to show him how to transfer ownership of the blog to you. Since he has made only one post in 5 years, he probably hasn't got a clue how to do a transfer properly, even if he remembers his ID and password. Then you probably has to show him how to get back his forgotten data for signing on to his forgotten blog. Google definitely will not help you because a blog is for ever.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Publish a scheduled post, now.

Q: How do I publish a scheduled post?

Please go to your dashboard, edit post
Click "edit" on the scheduled post, post options.
Select "automatic"
Publish post.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Font and text size

Q: How do I change the font style and size on my Blogger header?
A: Please go to layout, fonts and colours. A small window opens allowing you to scroll and change parameters on every part of your blog page. What you need is blog title font and blog descriptions font. Make your selection. Save changes each time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My blog is not spam

Q: Blogger says a human is reviewing my blog that the robots identified as spam. Where is this person to ask about this?
A: Here is a thread:

Monday, November 30, 2009

My blog is on my friend's dashboard.

Q: I created a blog while using my friend's computer. Now my blog is on his dashboard. How long after deleting will my blog name become available?

A: Deleting the blog will not make the URL available for anyone (including you). You need to transfer ownership properly.
Make the blog in question into a team blog, with two members, then removing the original team member:

Method 2:
Another way is to vacate the blog address (URL):
1. Sign on with account A (using your friend's ID and p/w) to his dashboard
2. go to settings>>publishing>>Blog*Spot address
3. change the URL (of your blog) to some other name, say xyz1234 (thus vacating the URL)
4. do the word verification.
5. save settings
6. sign on with account B (preferably on another computer):
7. create a blog
8. choose the name you want as your URL
9. continue to make a post on your blog.
10. publish post

( later on, when you are free, return to delete the blog (xyz123) from your friend's dashboard.)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Label cloud

Q: Where is the label cloud gadget?

A: Please go to Layout, add a gadget.
Scroll down to "labels", click on ( + )
A new window opens, allowing you to configure labels.
Select display (cloud)


I cannot find my blog on the web.

Q; Where is my blog?

A: If you are the blog owner, you do know its address (URL). There will be no need to search for your blog on the web. Paste your URL inside the address bar (not the Google search box). Click refresh and you will be taken instantly to your blog!

To become google-able and popular in the Blogosphere takes a lot of hard work on your part. You need first to post some interesting stuff that many people want to read/see/listen/watch. You also need to actively promote your blog and get the search engines involved. Perhaps you are not asking about this. If all you want is to work on your blog. Go to this screen: and sign on to blogger using your ID and password.

Your blog has a unique address (URL) on the internet. Any one can access your blog and see it by pasting the URL inside the address bar and press "refresh".

Authors/owner (you) can go one step further. You can create/edit posts. Only you know the ID and password to sign on and change/edit any thing on your blog. Anyone else can certainly see your blog if you give them the correct address (URL). Older blogs can be "found" by googling key words, without even knowing the URL.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blog list

Q: How do I get all my blogs listed on my profile?

A: On your dashboard, please click on "edit profile">>"select blogs to display"
A new window opens.
Tick the boxes.
Save settings


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Transfer URL from one account to another

Q: How do I transfer a URL from account A to account B?
A: You have to vacate the URL so that account B can use it.

Follow these instructions carefully:
1. Sign on with account A to your blog.
2. go to settings>>publishing>>Blog*Spot address
3. change the URL to some other name, say xyz12345 (thus vacating the URL)
4. do the word verification.
5. save settings
6. sign on with account B
7. create a blog
8. choose the name you want as your URL
9. continue...
10. later on, return to delete the blog (xyz12345)


DarkUFO summarized all the above, this way:
Don't delete it!
If you do, you won't be able to use it.
Rename the first one to something else, then rename the 2nd one to the first one.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Change font size for blog title

Q: How do you change the Font Size and Condition (Bold, Ital, etc.) of your Blog Title and Description? 

A: Please go to layout>>font and colours.
In the small window, scroll down and change one item at a time (blog title font, blog description font...)
Save changes.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Q: How do I get the fish on my blog?
A: The fish is a standard gadget available in your layout.
Sign on to dashboard>>Layout>>add a gadget>>most popular>> +
Select the number of fish and their colour. Save.
You can drag the gadget any where on your page. Save

Monday, October 19, 2009

Making a post

Q; How do I make a post?
1. Sign on to your blog using your ID and password here:
2. On your dashboard click on "new post"
3. Type inside the post editor (large box)
4. Publish post.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Q: How do I find my URL?
A: Please go to your dashboard>settings>publishing>Blog*Spot address
You will see your blog address there.

Another method is to go to your dashboard. Click on [view blog]. Your URL is shown in the address bar near the top of your screen. It looks like this []. Highlight, copy and paste your URL because typing will introduce errors.

Profile not created

Q: Why my uploaded profile doesn't show up on forum posts?

A: Click on your own ID on this page.
A new window opens.
Tick the square box on top right (Show my Google Profile to all Google Help discussion participants)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

More followers who actually read my blog

Q: How do I get more followers or traffic for my blog?
1. Paste your URL in your emails to friends and family members, telling them to use the address bar and not the google search box.
2. Update your profile interest list. Each word becomes a link to other bloggers with the same interests as you.
3. When you are reading an interesting blog, leave a comment. Look at that blogger's list of blogs that he follows (in his profile). Leave comments on those blogs as well. Leaving comments will attract more readers to your own blog.
4. Create a hover bubble showing your URL on this forum, read by millions of bloggers worldwide.
This link shows you how to make your own:

Some useful links:

and a recent thread on the same topic:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Starting a blog

Q; How do I start a blog?

A: Blogs are free. You do not need to buy a domain, in order to start blogging.
Starting a blog is easy. Use your Gmail address and password here:
Here is a video tutorial:

and the same thing again in words:

Later, when you have questions, some simple answers are listed here: 

For more complicated problems, please post your question on the Blogger Help Forum where our Blog*Stars/Top contributor will answer all your questions:

To set up an email alert, (so that you will receive an email, when some one answers your question), please come back to this page, scroll down and check the box under subscribe (Email me when people reply) and click on [save] before you leave this forum.

Header image

Q: How do I adjust my image size to fit header? 

A: Choose a large photo to upload. On the configure header window, choose "Shrink to fit" first, then browse, open, save.


New paragraphs

Q: How to make paragraph breaks in my all comes out as one long text.  Please help!

A: For new paragraphs, type this on a new line:
and for line breaks, type this:

These threads give more technical explanation:


Friday, October 9, 2009

Email notification

Q: How and where do I go to set up my blog so that each time someone posts a comment, we all receive an email alert?
A: Please go to settings>>comments>>comment notification email,
Write your email address inside the box.
Save settings.
Also on this screen, after you post your question, come back and tick the box under "Subscibe". Click on "save"
You will be notified by email when people (like me) responded to your question above!!
(I am also monitoring this thread this way, in case you have a further question related to my answer here.)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Embed You Tube as a post

Q: How do I post a video from youtube directly into my blog post?

A: Get the (embed) codes from You Tube, paste into the post editor. Publish post.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Change a blog name

Q: How do you change a blog name?
A:  Blog name and blog address are not the same thing.

Change blog name (title)
Please go to settings>>basic>>title.
Make the changes.
Save settings

Change blog address (URL)
settings>>publishing>>Blog*Spot Address
Make changes inside the box.
Save settings

However, please be aware that changing blog address may have adversed consequences:
You may lose 
1. all your followers
2. your blog's established Google ranking
3. adsense earnings
4. feeds
5. domain connections
6. backlinks


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mouse hover shows my URL

Q: All I want is to be able to see is a link to my blog when you hover the mouse over my ID

A: On this page, please click on My Accounts>> edit profile>>my Links.
Add your blog's URL
Scroll down, save changes.

another thread:


Photos storage

Q: All photos that I add to my blog, I also store in my computer. Am I right to assume that, once I blog them, there's no need to store them? 

A: Blogger provides a free blogging service. No one can actually give you a guarantee that it will always be there. Besides, it also takes a long time to upload photos to posts. Most people have hundreds if not thousands of digital photos which you just cannot upload all to Blogger. Many people store private digital photos on their own computers using a software programme eg. Picasa and also make backups regularly on CD's. Others upload to Flicker and Picasa Web albums (on the internet) for safer storage away from floods, fire and burglars.


Q: How do I add followers?
A: On Blogger, all that you can do is add a follower gadget in your side bar and wait for people to follow your blog. You cannot actually "add" them like on other social blogging platforms eg. Facebook, Friendster, hi5...

Inactive blog

Q: If my blog remains inactive for some period, what will happen?

A: Nothing will happen to your blog. It seems that a blog is the property of the owner forever, irrespective whether he is active or not. However you need to ensure that your email address remains valid. Otherwise it will be a hassle to sign on to your blog after a few years of inactivity. After a while, you would probably forget the ID and password required to sign on to your blog.



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Other help forums

 Q: Are there other help forums beside Blogger Help Forum?

A: Yes, Google help forums are all listed here:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Updated post editor

Q: If I switch to New Post Editor, can I switch back? 

A: Please go to settings>basic>select post editor.
Choose your editor. Save settings
You can change back and forth, if you wish.


Blogs are forever?

Q: When I die, what happens to my blog?

A: We had a few descendants of diseased bloggers asking for blogs to be deleted. It is a tedious process because there is no help desk, email address or a telephone number available. You should let some one close to you, know your ID and password so that they can remove your blog from the internet after you pass on.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adsense ads between posts

Q: How to put google ads between posts?

A: If you wish to place ads between posts, please go to Layout>edit (Blog Posts). A new window opens>configure in line ads.
Make your selections.


Recent comments

Q: How do I put the link on my blog so that as comments appear they are immediately visible?
A: Please go to layout>add a gadget>most popular (one of 5 choices in the left margin)>recent comment.
click on +

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uploading multiple photos

Q: How do I upload multiple photos to my blog?

A: You have to upload them one at a time to your post editor where you can arrange them (left/right/centre), choose the size (small/medium/large) add captions and some text. Then click publish post. All your photos will appear on your blog.

An overview of the updated editor:


Word verification (captcha)

Q: I'm creating a blog, but word verification won't show up. 

A:  Try clearing your cache:
Sign off and sign on again.


Remove quick editing icon

Q: When viewing my blog, I can see the small icon that allows you to edit the gadget by clicking on the icon.  How can I remove this, so readers cannot edit my gadgets?

A: Viewers cannot edit your blog. Only you can see those icons. If you sign off, even you cannot see them.


change blog name

Q: How do I change my blog name?

A: Change blog name
Please go to settings>>basic>>title.
Make the changes. 
Save settings

dragging photos

Q: I can't move my photos any more!

A:  Apparently you are using the updated editor (which allows you to upload photos at your cursor position inside the post editor.)

To cut and paste pictures as before, you need to switch back to the old editor.
1. Go to settings, basic.
2. Scroll down to "select post editor".
3. Choose "old editor"
4. Save settings.

More info on this thread:


Monday, September 21, 2009

Spell check

Q: Anyone have any clues as to how to use spell check in the new editor?

A: I just found the spell check in the new editor. It is automatic. When I made a typo, my incorrect word was highlighted. When I right click on that typo, a list of similar words was offered for me to choose the correct word! (I am using Firefox as my browser.)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Search engine

Q: I need a search engine to search within my blog. Do you know of such a gadget?

A: These are the codes:

<form action="/search" method="get">
<input name="q" type="text"/>
<input value="Search" type="submit"/>

Go to layout, click on:-
1. "add a gadget" (scroll down to html/javascript)
2. "add to blog" (paste these codes in the large box)
3. save (you can now drag and drop your new page element any where on your page.)


Not showing dates on posts

Q: How can I disable the dates from showing on my posts?

A: Please go to layout and click on edit (Blog Posts). Remove the ticks in the first and third box. Save.


Friday, September 18, 2009

unable to paste inside updated post editor

Q: I cannot paste inside the post editor, What to do?

A: When you have reached the bottom of the barrel, go back to first principles.
There is another way to paste inside the post editor (other than using right click mouse or CTRL keys).

Using your menu bar, edit/copy your text. Leave your cursor flashing inside the post editor, left click mouse on edit/paste. All your text will suddenly appear inside your post editor! Publish post.

this one suggests using "edit HTML" tab: 


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jump Break (read more, expandable post)

Q; How do I use the jump break feature?

A: Here is a tutorial:

Here are some tips on where exactly to place jump breaks:

In case of side bar gadgets dropping down, here is a fix:

and here are some useful threads:

and one here suggesting that the limit is 9 jump breaks:

Other cases of gadgets falling down: 

div tags problems:

Where is my blog?

Q: I sent links of my blog to friends through emails but when they click through there is a notice saying the blog doesn't exist. Also, can't find it on searc engine. What's up?

A: Perhaps the URL you gave was incorrect.
URL (blog address)?
Go to this screen:
Signed on to Blogger and click on "view blog", you will see your blog.
Right click and copy the contents of the address bar, your bog's URL address (http://your paste this URL in your email to share your blog with all your friends. (do not type URL, it leads to errors)
Save your URL in your favourite list (bookmark).

If you are the blog owner, you do know its address (URL). There will be no necessity to search for your own blog on the web. Paste your URL inside the address bar (not the Google search box). Click refresh and you will be taken instantly to your blog!

To become google-able and popular in the Blogosphere takes a lot more hard work on your part. You need first to post some more interesting stuff that many people want to read/see/listen/watch. You also need to actively promote your blog:

Then you get the search engines involved by submitting your blog for listing:
Here are just a few:
Submit Express:

In the mean time, keep on adding more posts to your blog. You could also update your interests list on your profile. The link allows other bloggers with similar interests to find your blog.

Here is a thread giving more details on the same subject:


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Posting photos exactly where I placed my cursor in the post editor

Q: How can I make my pictures go where I want them to be?

A: The "updated editor" allows you to post photos at your cursor position in the post editor.
Go to settings, basic, scroll down to "select post editor".
Select "updated editor".
Save settings

Here is an overview of the updated post editor:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

clickable link

Q: Why is my hyperlink on the help forum not click-able?

A: I don't really know the answer; but my hyperlinks on the help forum became click-able, when I reached level 4, a few days ago (after I have made 685 posts).


Q: How do I embed hypertext in my blog?
A: Here is a tutorial:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drop down Menu

Q: My Blog Archive list is always expanded when viewed on any computer using IE8 or Fire Fox.  Can I have the Archive list closed until someone opens it them selves? Thanks

A :
1. Click on the quick editor icon (screw driver with wrench).
2. Configure your blog archive by selecting Dropdown Menu.
3. Save.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Search engine

Q: I'm not on any search engine----why not?

A: To become popular in the Blogosphere takes a lot of hard work on your part. You need first to post some interesting stuff that many people want to read/see/listen/watch. You need to actively promote your blog:

Then you get the search engines involved by submitting your blog for listing:
Here are just a few:
Submit Express:

Here is a thread on the same subject with much more details:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Strike through feature

Q: How do I achieve the effect of having your text look like it's been struck through?

A:  If you are using the updated post editor, there is a "strike through" icon on your tool bar (ABC)
First you highlight the text you wish to strike through. Then you click on the icon.
Publish post


Where can I find new templates?

Q: I've seen some folks blog pages that are tricked out with their own design that they may have created or a added touch of sparkle....things that aren't available through the blogger site. How do I do that?

Try these templates:

Be sure to save your present template codes before starting, so that if things go wrong, you can go back to your old template.
You go to layout/design, click on edit Html. Replace all the codes inside the large box with new codes.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

I cannot post a title

Q: When I logged in to start a new posting for my blog, the field to put a title for that particular posting is missing. I can't title any posts, help?

A: Please go to settings, formatting. Scroll down to "show title field".
Select "yes" and save settings.


I can't google my blog.

Q: Hello, I set up a new blog site on 9/4/09 but I can't find it on the web. Why isn't it listed as a blog site?
A: If you are the blog owner, you do know its address (URL). There will be no necessity to search for your blog on the web. Paste your URL inside the address bar (not the search bar). Click refresh and you will be taken instantly to your blog!

If you wish to do more than "look" at your blog e.g. make another post or do some editing, sign on using your your ID and password here:

URL (blog address)?
When you click on "view blog", you will see your blog.
Right click and copy the contents of the address bar, your bog's URL address ( paste this URL in your email to share your blog with all your friends. (do not type URL, it leads to errors)
Save your URL in your favourite list (bookmark).

Here is a link giving more details:

Posting photo at the cursor position

Q: How do I add most recent pictures below the older one?
A: There is a way to place the photo wherever you positioned the cursor in your post editor (below an existing photo or even in between text).
1. Please go to settings, basic.
2. Scroll down to "select post editor".
3. Choose "updated editor"
4. Save settings.

This new post editor will load the photo wherever you place your cursor inside your post editor. Hooray!
( no more cut and paste codes in html mode and no more dragging)


Another thread:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where is my blog?

Q: I can't find my blog, where is it?

A: Blogs are some times removed due to incorrect spam alert. Please read this and follow the instructions on how to recover your blog:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where has the video icon gone?

Q: It was working one moment, but I deleted the video, and when I went back to put a new one in, the option was no longer there! (In the tool bar)

You could be using the updated post editor which does not have the video icon.
Please go to settings, basic, scroll down to "select post editor".
Select "old editor".
Save settings.

The video icon should appear again on your post editor tool bar. You can switch back and forth as required.
Here is a link giving you another way to upload videos:


No posts shown on my dashboard

Q: I have a lot of content from my old blogspot account. I can log in but the dashboard says I have no content or profile How do I fix this?

A: If your dashboard does not show your blogs it means simply that you have inadvertently created another Google account. Please sign on to the other account.

However if you are certain you only have the one Google account, go to your dashboard and click on "show all", All you blogs will appear again on your dashboard.


Finding blogs with same interests

Q: Is there no simple query search for the site, wherein I can find other bloggers with similar tastes, interests and affiliations as mine?

A: Update your profile, include in it, a list of your own interests, e.g. : reading, writing, music, gardening, cooking, golf, etc.
Click on your own interest links in your profile. e.g. when you click on "golf" you will find a list of blogs written by golfers!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Private email

Q: please send answers to my private email.

A:Using private email instead of using this forum is a most selfish way to get help. No other bloggers will see the solutions offered except you and no one can learn any thing from this thread. The same question will be asked again and again and I will be forever busy. No thanks!

All questions asked here, on this forum, will be answered here.


Flag button

Q: I have accidentally pressed my blog's flag button. How do I disable it?A: It is a toggle switch. Press the button again to turn it OFF.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why no private email replies.

Q: My post editor has all the usual icons, including the upload image icon, but I now am missing the VIDEO UPLOAD icon in my post editor tool bar.

Can someone give me advice how to fix it. email me at

A: Go to settings, basic, scroll down to "select post editor". Select "old editor". Save settings. The video icon should appear again on your post editor tool bar.

Questions asked here on this forum will be answered here. A private one to one email to you will not allow other members on this forum to see the solution to your problem. I will probably have to deal with this same question again and again!


Photo positon on updated editor

Q: How do I upload a photo at the position of my cursor?

A: Go to settings>>basic>>select post editor.
Choose "updated editor". Save settings.
You can now choose your preferred sizes: s, m, L, XL, Original

Here is a link about the features of the new editor:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo position on old editor

Q: Is there any direct way so that I can insert my images exactly where I place the cursor? No cut and paste or dragging please?

A: The default position for an uploaded photo is always at the top. The cursor does not decide the position. There is no need to move a photo if you don't want to. Just type the text above, on the side, below or between photos. A single photo will move down to make room for the text as you type it at the top.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Transfer blog ownership

Q: How do I move a blog to another account?

A: Change ownership
Make the blog in question into a team blog, with two members, then removing the original team member:

Note: Please be aware that images posted by the previous admin may disappear from your blog.


Chuck has a blog written on this:
also related threads:

Export the blog to another blog:
This may be used as a short cut for some cases, which give the same result:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Remove follower (myself)

Q: I accidentally hit the 'follow' button on my blog, and now I'm a follower on my own blog. How do I remove myself?

A: Please go to your blog and click:
1. the "double square" icon on the follower gadget.
2. sign in (if necessary)
3. settings
4. stop following this site
5. stop following


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog not on my dashboard

Q: i stupidly have 2 blogs i want to use but when i go to dash board to edit i m in! i dont want that address. ive made 2 blogs up, unfortunately with the same email address.i think how can i have in working order help please.

A: Having 2 blogs on one account is not a problem. In fact you can have as many blogs as you like with just one account. All your blogs will show up on one dashboard (one set of ID and password).

I think the problem is this. You could have started, by mistake, two Blogger accounts! You need to delete one of them to avoid further confusions. Your computer cannot handle more than one accounts and apparently neither can you. You need to remember to clear cache, log out and then log in using another set of ID and password if you wish to jump from one account to another. (can be done easily with two computers.)

More info on this link:


Monday, August 10, 2009

I want someone's blog name

Q: Two accounts are dormant for over 5 years. How can they be deleted so I can use them?

A: It seems that a blog is the property of the owner forever, irrespective whether he is active or not. However you could try to contact him and then convince him, some how to transfer the URL to you. Good luck!

Deleting the URL will not make it available to you. it has to be transferred by the owner to you.

Another link explaining why not:

My blog is not spam.

Q: How do I ask for my blog to be unlocked? It is not spam.

A: This question has been answered. Please check out this thread:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reverse order of posts

Q: Is there a way to display my blog from oldest post to newest in chronological order? So someone could select first post, and then start reading till they get to the last entry. But by default it displays newest to oldest as normal.

A: There is no short cut to reverse the order of all your posts, all at once. However, if the number of posts is small, you can reverse the order by changing the date/time this way (one by one):
Please edit each post in turn. Click on "post options" and you may change the date (or the time) to whatever you wish. Publish post. You now have a new chronological order of posts, based on the new dates. (latest post first)

Here is a link with a hack:

Adam has a technical solution:

Aratina also has a gadget to reverse the order of posts:


Saturday, August 8, 2009

1200 word limit?

Q: I notice I can only write 1200 words. I thought blogs were meant to continue writting for a long time?
A: Headers, titles and text widgets in your side bars do have limits. If you have more words to write, please click "new post" and use the post editor. No limits there.


Blogs removed

Q: Why is my blog removed? please give us an answer or some information to enable us to know what's happening

A: In the fight against spam, Google decided to use robots to screen through every blog content. Some times the robots make mistakes (giving false positive results). Many innocent bloggers are wrongly tagged as spammers by the robot. The consequence is what you and many others have experienced now. The problem is compounded when it happens on a Friday. No action over the weekend.
All is not lost, however. First you click on the link provided on your dashboard. Wait a few days and then send an appeal. Then you post on this forum to let a Google employee know what has happened.

If you are not a spammer, your blog is usually reinstated within a few days after you followed the 4 steps mentioned here on this thread:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Team blog

Q: How do I change admin of my team blog?


Publish a book

Q: How do I publish a book?

A: Use your book title as your blog name and publish each chapter as a post (publish last chapter first). Create a new blog for the next book.

show x number of posts

Q: I don't want to show every post I have made on the main page, Id rather have it show just the most recent post and put all others into the archive but cant figure out how to do that.

A: To show only recent posts, go to dashboard, settings, formatting. First item "show" allows you to change the number of posts you wish to show at one time. Save settings.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remove gadgets

Q: i have two appearances of the same widget and i am having trouble getting rid of the one at the top of the page. please advise as to how to delete that. thanks

A: Sign on to your blog. Click on the quick editing logo (spanner/screw driver) below the gadget. Click "remove".


Q: How can I figure out who is following my blog? if not the exact identity at least the country/state/city etc

A: Try a neocounter:
or feedjit:
These gadget will breakdown all visitors to your blog (by countries).
If you are interested in "followers" only, you can add a followers gadget to your side bar.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

technical support

Q: How do I contact technical support?

A: Sorry, no telephone numbers and no email address. This is it. Blogspot / Blogger is totally free and therefore not funded to have a huge support staff to talk to all the hundreds of people who have various questions. That is why they created this forum, for everyone to help each other.

Please post your question here. Some other bloggers, just like yourself will definitely try to help you. If you are lucky, you may even get the man himself (a Blogger employee); but I do not recommend holding your breathe while waiting for a response.

Monday, August 3, 2009

stop following

Q: How do I stop following someone's blog?

A: Please go to your Dashboard.
1. MANAGE under Reading List.
2. Settings.
3. Stop Following This Site.
4. stop following

This link gives more details about the follower gadget:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cannot post

Q: I am unable to post or update any new or old blogs. Help please.

A: The URL merely allows any one to "view" your blog. To post or edit your blog; you, the author/admin, need to sign on. Please fill in your ID and password here:
You will find this link useful:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Removing time-stamp

Q: How do I do away with time stamping for my blog posts.

A: 1.Go to layout, click on "edit" on "Blog Posts". (A window will open allowing you to edit all your "Post page options" ).
2. Unselect the third box.
3. Save.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Author's name under post

Q: Usually most blog have this author at the end of each post but I do not have mine in it. How to correct the problem?
A: Please go to layout. Click "Edit" on "Blog Posts". Tick the second option. Save.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sticky post

Q: How can i make a sticky mode when posting a new post ?

If you wish to make a "sticky post", publish the post first.
Then go to your dashboard, edit post, post editor, post options.
Scroll down and change today's date to a future date (2012)
Publish post. (This post will now stick to the top of your page until the future date arrives).

Note: If you publish a new post with a future date, you have created a "scheduled post" and not a "sticky post". Your scheduled post will  publish and appear only on that date (2012).

There is another way to make a sticky post. Use a text gadget. Drag it to the top of the page.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Transfer blog ownership

Q:I decided to start a new blog with one of my accounts and registered it, but a couple days later decided to use the blog under a different account. So, I deleted the blog with the old account but when I went to the new account and tried to register the name, it said the blog name is not available. I did a search on google blogsearch and the blog does nto exist, so why is it still telling me the name isn't available?

Because once you register a blogname it's associated only with the account that originally registered it, This is a security feature to prevent cybersquaters and spammers from immediately taking over your old blog and putting crap there, You can get around this by simply go back to the original account that you registered the blogname with, recreate the blog and then go into the Permissions and make your new account an administrator then after you accept administratorship in your new account simply remove your old account as an administrator and you should be all set.
Rick, Blog★Star 2008-

Friday, March 27, 2009

Expandable posts, Read more, post summaries, jump break

Q: Is there any way to post the title only? I would like to show the
title of the post, and then have the post open in another window. Is
this possible? Anybody's help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Yes. We call this feature, a jump break, expandable post or read more. 
First post the whole article in full on a post. Then you add the jump break.

If you don't use the new post editor, you can still insert a jump break in Edit HTML mode by adding <!-- more --> where you want to position the jump break. Please note the spaces before and after the word more

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Microsoft Word incompatibility

Q: Hi, lately, I have been having problems putting text from a Microsoft Word document into my post. When the cursor is inside the text box, I hit paste and the writing gets pasted on the bottom of the page, below the text box. When I submitted the post, nothing came up.
Is there any way that I can paste text from a Word document into the text box or do I have to rewrite my entire article again in the text box?

A: Microsoft Word programme and Blogger are not compatible. There is a work around. Copy your document, paste to notepad (MS Works or Word Perfect 12). Copy again from notepad and paste to post editor. Publish.

More info on this thread:

Here is a thread from a blog*star, hbl :

and another thread:

There is another way to paste inside the post editor (other than right click mouse or CTRL key).
Copy your text. Leave your cursor flashing inside the post editor. Use your menu bar, left click mouse on Edit/paste. All your text will appear inside your post editor!

For people using IE8 as browser, this thread has the answer, use the compatibility mode:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Format lost

Q: The problem I am having is when I transfer content, like an article to the space ( where you create the post ) on my blog it condenses everything together, with no original structure ( existing paragraphs etc ). Seems to me there should be a way to transfer content when I'm trying to create a post so it retains the same format. Its probably something simple as I am easily confused by computers :-) If I can transfer the content intact, the same, could someone contact me by my e-mail and tell me how this is done. Thanks in advance for any help.

A: "preserving text format"

Copy/paste article to notepad; then copy/paste from notepad to post editor. Publish post.

More useful info on this link:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hide my posts

Q: How to disable my blog so that people can no longer access it without losing the existing posts?

A: Sign on to your blog using your ID and password:
Open your post editor (click edit post) and save all your posts as

Friday, February 13, 2009

Transfer accounts

Q: I'm trying to switch over to a new Google account but don't see a way to move my blogspot account. Is this possible?

A: Yes, make the blog in question into a team blog, with two members, then remove the original team member.

Here is a thread:

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