Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is blogger and blogspot the same thing?

Q: I did the "start the blogger thing", but it came out "Blogspot". What do I do now?
A: There is nothing to worry about. It is just the terminology used by Google. When you open a Blogger account, you use your Google account for doing that. The blog you create will have an address (URL) like this: http://xxx dot blogspot dot com (never dot blogger dot com). A blog can have many posts. Some are just text. Others are just photos. You can also have a combination of both (text with images)

When is a blog not a blog?

Unlike other blogging platforms (word press, my space, typepad, livejournal, multiply, facebook, orkut, friendster, hi5), on Blogger, we do not call a blog, a blog. We call it a post. This has caused a lot of confusion with new bloggers. When you wish to make a new blog, you should click on "new post". Other wise you would be creating blog after blog, unintentionally. This is terrible. No one will read your blogs arranged that way, all over the internet.

1. Sign on to your blog using your ID and password here:
2. On your dashboard click on "new post"
3. Type inside the post editor (large box) or upload a photo
4. Publish post.

Your blogging area will be filled by your posts as you add more posts (no limit). The side bars are meant for adding gadgets: About me, archives, labels list, link list etc. Continue to add posts to your blog. One blog is usually enough for a new blogger. Please do not create too many blogs today. What you need to do is add more posts to the blog that you have now. 
I do not recommend that you delete any blog for whatever reason. Very often I find that deleting anything in Blogger, merely puts the item out of your own reach and does not give the desired results (peace of mind). Quite often you will have to back track, in order to solve the original problem. Some times this will involve the Google team and help from them is not so easy to get (no email address and no tel No:)

If you like, you can make unwanted blogs into a stub blog or a test blog. You may take a peek at mine to get some idea:

Blogging is really a personal journey of discovery. If we only have the help forum, then blogging will become too slow. We will be spending too much time asking questions and waiting for answers. This is a slow way of learning. A quicker method is by using a test blog which is expendable. Do not use your main blog for testing.

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  1. thanks for clarifying -- I typed looking for blogspot, was not watching the screen and up popped blogger. Thank you.



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