Monday, January 31, 2011

Some pages not showing

Q: I have created 5 static pages. Only 3 are showing. Why?
A: Sign on.
Click on the quick edit icon (for pages)
A new window opens
Configure page list>>pages to show
check all the boxes


Cannot upload photos (security error)

Q: I cannot upload any more photos. "security error" Why?
A: Here is a thread:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

BHF etiquette

Q: What are the rules for using the Blogger Help Forum?
A: Here are some guide lines:


Comparing WordPress to Blogger

Q: Which blogging platform is better, WordPress or Blogger?
A: For beginners, definitely Blogger is easier to use

For more advanced users, WordPress blogging platform is far more superior


and some horror stories about Google:

Switch back to old Layout template

Q: Any way to switch back to the old templates instead of using the new designer?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picasa storage is full

Q: I cannot post any more photos because my Picasa is full. What should I do?
A: Check here for usage:
If it is true, you will have to buy more space by paying $5/year for 20 Gb more storage space. Be aware that this is not a one off payment. It is $5 for every year, from now onwards.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Upload header image

Q: what css code would I use to add a header image with the new template designer?
A:Header image
You do not need CSS codes for that.
Save image to your desk top (image 1).
design>>edit (header)>>configure header
Check [shrink to fit], 
Choose file from your desktop (image 1)
Wait for upload

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adjusting wrapper widths

Q: I want to widen the outer and main wrapper a bit on my blog, but I can't find them in the html?
A: There is a simpler way to adjust your template without fiddling with codes.
design>>template designer>>adjust widths
Click [apply to blog] to save changes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogger Issues

Q: Are we having a lot of issues with Blogger?
A: Yes, we do have plenty of issues with Blogger right now :
1. the upgrade to the updated post editor has a lot of bugs.
2. many bloggers are still having problems uploading photos and placement since March 2010.
3. the template designer does not work for some browsers.
4. the header photo does not upload properly (blurry)
6. blogs removed as spam and the owners are not told clearly what has happened or how to get them reinstated (losing customers)
7. The auto-save for the post editor cannot be deactivated. Sometimes, hours of typing disappeared, without warning.
8. Cannot have a blog that reads like a book.
9. the follower gadget is not always working.
10. neither is the stats.
11. the gadgets in the side bar keep on falling down.
12. cannot paste text inside the post editor; have to type long hand.
13. comment box issues, still on going, since July 2010.
14. bloggers who forgot their ID and passwords cannot access their blog to delete them and Google refused to help, no matter what happens.
15. If your email address becomes inactive, you will lose control of your blog. Google won't help.
16. Some bloggers were not adequately warned about the relationship between Picasa Web Albums and Blogger.
17. The scheduled post feature has never worked properly.
18. Need to pay $5/year for more Picasa storage, otherwise cannot continue to post more photos on your blog.
19. On May 13, 2011, the whole Blogger system crashed for more than 10 hours:
Since then the system has developed numerous new problems:
Blogs not showing on dashboards,
[publish] button stopped working
[search this blog] not working
Cannot stay signed on
Followers, comments, posts disappeared
Cannot post comments, photos, new posts,

But all is not lost. We have this forum to iron out all these minor problems. Just post a question here. You will be pleasantly surprised how many members are fighting over each other, trying to help you, a fellow blogger. There are 183,000 members on this forum and many Blog*Stars. Some of them have really intimate knowledge about codes and how a blog works.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Team blog

Q: if you are logged in and editing your blog can visitors to your blog edit your blog?
A: Visitors cannot edit your blog. However, in a team blog, invited authors can add or edit their own posts on your blog. If there is another admin authorized by you, he can also sign on simultaneously and change your layout while you are signed on. The big question now is whether you own this blog as sole admin or whether you are just an invited author or one sharing admin privileges with another admin.


My draft disappeared.

Q: As I was typing my new post in my post editor, the autosave came in at the wrong moment and saved a blank screen. I lost all of my 2 hrs of writing.  Is there some way to recover my draft?
A: Sorry, it is gone for good. However please learn from this. Next time whenever you start to input a long article, type the first sentence. Then click on [publish post] The auto save will be deactivated (only for published posts). Edit the post and continue to finish your long article at your leisure.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gadgets has fallen down

Q: My gadgets has fallen to the bottom. What should I do?
A: Gadgets falling down
It is a process of elimination in order to find out which post is causing the gadgets to drop down. You progressively edit each post from the most recent, saving it as draft. Then you view your blog each time to check whether the gadgets are back in the side bar. Eventually you will come to the post causing the damage. Delete that post and publish all your drafts. There could be more than one culprit.
After identifying the post causing the problem, Katney has this unusual cure: Edit the post and click back and forth between html mode and Compose mode, a couple of times. Publish again. This will correct the code and fix the dropped sidebar.

Other cases of gadgets falling down:
div tags problems:


Small header photo

Q: My header photo is too small. How do I make it bigger?
A: This week (Jan 22, 2011) there is a glitch in Blogger. Please add your details to this thread:

Blog disappeared

Q: My blog has disappeared from my dashboard. What do I do?
A: This week (Jan 22, 2011) there are a lot of these cases. Please add your details to this thread:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deleting a blog

Q: How do I delete my blog?
A: Please don't do it. Deleting a blog merely put it out of your reach. Then you lost control of it. Make it into a stub blog. First deleting all the posts on it and remove all other personal details. Then leave it.

Profile interest link

Q: How do I find blogs about a certain topic eg hairstyling?
A: First, you update your profile. Add hairstyling as one of your interests. Save. Then go back to your own profile and click on [hairstyling]. It will pull up all the other blogs whose owner's interest is also hairstyling.


Edit post

Q: After publishing a blog post, and clicking the View Post link, is there a 1-step way to edit that post?
A: Yes, there are 2 tabs shown immediately after you clicked publish post: [view post] and [edit post] You can access edit post screen if you do not click on view post.

However, if you have pressed view post, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the pencil icon. It is a short cut to edit post.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Domain problem

Q: How do I delete ever thing and start again?About two weeks ago I started a blog, a couple of days later I purchased the domain, although I was login I was asked to create new logins, I did then I tried to have my existing blog under my domain, three days later I could not access my blog on my domain log ins, I logged on the account I originally started the blog but I could not accessed from that account either. I deleted the blog and I try to start another under my domain I am getting the message that the domain it’s not available. Bottom line is I have a domain and a blog that other can access but not me. How can I delete everything and start fresh. And how long do I have to wait before I attempt to start my new blog. Please help.

A: I cannot help you with domains. All that I know is this: They are more trouble than they are worth. It is not necessary to buy a domain in order to blog. Just use the blogspot address for blogging. It is free. You don't have to wait, just start your blog right now.

Please click here: and follow the prompts.

Here is a video tutorial:

and the same thing again in words:

Later, when you have questions, some simple answers are available here:

For more complicated problems, please post your question on the Blogger Help Forum where our Blog*Stars/Top contributor will answer all your questions:


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photos side by side

Q: How do I post photos side by side?
A:Photos can be arranged side by side if you select small size for both as shown here. There are 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, original size.
You need also to select position left for one photo and position right for the other. 

Assuming of course that you are using the updated post editor.
Go to settings>>basic>>select post editor.
Choose "updated editor". Save settings.
Here is a link about the features of the new editor:


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post background colour

Q: How do I change the post background colour?
A: design>>template designer>>advanced>>post background
Select the background colour you want.
Preview (scroll down)
Click "apply to blog" (to save changes)
View blog.

Enclosure link field

Q:What do I type in the link space on the post edit box?
A: Please leave the box blank. This box (for enclosure link) is no longer showing on some post editors.
Here is a link with more info:


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Move header text down

Q: How do I move my header text down a little?
A: Design>>settings>>description
Add <br> in front of your text to move it down one line. <br><br> to move it down 2 lines, etc...

Save settings


Why no visitors?

Q: Why aren't there any visits to my blog?

A: You do not have visitors because you do not promote your blog. For example, on this help forum we have many bloggers wondering how to see your blog.  If you are really serious about getting visitors, you could at least tell us your blog address, If you hover your mouse over my ID you can immediately see my blog!

Share your blog
1. Paste your URL in your emails to friends and family members, telling them to use the address bar and not the google search box. There is no need to search when you know the address. Keep on adding more posts to your blog. This tends to improve your Google ranking and make your blog google-able.
2. Update your profile interest list. Each word becomes a link which allows other bloggers with similar interests to find your blog. They do this by clicking on words in their interest list on their own profile e.g. fashion, recipe, golf, photography...
3. When you are reading an interesting blog, leave a comment (using your Google profile). Look at that blogger's list of blogs that he follows (in his profile). Leave genuine and sincere comments on those blogs as well. Leaving comments like this will attract more readers to your own blog (via your Google profile).
4. Create a hover bubble showing your URL on this help forum, read by millions of bloggers worldwide.
This link shows you how to make your own bubble:
5. After you have done all the above, you may consider involving the search engines. A new blog is not immediately found by Google search. To become google-able and popular in the Blogosphere takes a lot more hard work on your part. You need first to post some more interesting stuff that many people want to read/see/listen/watch/buy.
6. You also need to actively promote your blog:

7. Then you get the search engines involved by submitting your blog for listing:
Here are just a few:
Submit Express:


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Designing a unique blog

Q: How do I make my blog look different from others?

A: On blogger, we have 27 different templates under design>>template designer

Simple              7
Picture window  3
Awesome inc    6
Watermark        4
Ethereal            3
Travel                4

You can change the background, layout, adjust widths, advanced, etc to give you a unique template different from everyone else. To save all your changes, click on "apply to blog". Blogging is really a personal journey of discovery. I would strongly suggest that you create a test blog to try using the features offered in the template designer. Here is a tutorial:

You can further add gadgets to your blog to make it look even more outstanding.
Add gadgets
Dashboard>>design>>add a gadget.
You will see all the gadgets listed under 4 categories:
Basics (23)
featured (15)
most popular (4)
more gadgets (1638) 

However, please remember that visitors are attracted to come back to your blog because of the quality and quantity of the posts, not so much because of its appearance.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I cannot post?

Q: I am unable to open a draft blog I am working on and I am unable to create a new blog. Why?

A: In Blogger we do not call a blog as a blog. We call it "post". It is common for new bloggers to get confused with our terminology. They tend to refer to a post as a blog (in wordpress, myspace, facebook, friendster, livejournal, typepad, multiply, hi5...)

It is probable that you might have inadvertently created more than one account. One with your blog associated with it and the other one not associated with any blog (yet).

Adding a post
1. Sign on to your blog using your ID and password here:
2. On your dashboard click on "new post"
3. Type inside the post editor (large box) or upload a photo
4. Publish post.

Your blogging area will be filled by your posts as you add more posts each day. The side bars are meant for adding gadgets: About me, archives, labels list, link list etc.
Continue to add posts and gadgets to your blog. One blog is usually enough for new bloggers. Please do not create any more blogs today! If you want to create something, please add a gadget to your blog.

Add gadget
Dashboard>>design>>add a gadget.
You will see all the gadgets listed under 4 categories:
Basics (23)
featured (15)
most popular (4)
more gadgets (1638)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Picasa web album

Q:I can't upload my pics again.i dun wan tat picasa auto save my pics!pls help!

A:That is the way Blogger works. All photos uploaded to your blog will trigger an automatic creation of a Picasa Web Album. If you delete the album, your photos will simply disappear from your blog (not instantly but within 24 hours).


Monday, January 3, 2011

Posts appear twice

Q: Why do I see double posts on my blog?
A: here is a thread with a solution:

Blogs with same interests

Q: How do I find another blogger who has the same interest as me?
A: Update your interests list on your profile to include design and home decor. These are links to other bloggers who has the same interests as you.Click on these words in your own profile. A whole list of blogs will appear. Post comments on other people's blogs.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cannot find my blog

Q: I created a blog and I can see it there, but I cannot access it to make updates.  I login using the email I used to create the blog and when I go to the dashboard, the blog is not there.   I have checked the other account I have .. but it is not showing there either.   Can anyone help?
A:  I just placed a comment on your blog. Hopefully that will trigger an email alert to you, indicating which email address you have used to create this blog.

Update: It seems that your email address is not working. I received this alert, instead!

"Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Technical details of permanent failure:
DNS Error: Domain name not found"

However all is not lost. If you know the password and now the ID (above) You can use them to sign on to your blog. You can then transfer ownership or delete your blog.


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