Thursday, July 24, 2008

getting visitors

Q: When people automatically sign onto, how do they see that I posted a new blog? Do i need to invite people to view my blog or do they see it if they are looking for the topic in which i am blogging about.

If "people" refers to friends and family members, you give them your blog's address (URL). If you like strangers or any one else to visit your blog, you will need to do some work to get the search engines involved. Very often new blogs like yours do not show up at all on search results because they are new and have not yet been indexed by the web crawlers. You need to promote your blog and wait a few weeks before you can be googled.
Go to Dashboard=>Settings=>Email. From the email page you can add upto 10 emails for people to subscribe to your blog. Then, everytime you post a blog, each of these people will automatically receive your entry.
If you have more than 10 people who read your blog, make yourself one of the subscriber and forward the email you get to 10 more people.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

comments moderation

Q: a user with the nick slava keep on spamming my blog and leave bad comments on my do i ban this particular user?

You can screen him out by moderating all the comments coming on your blog. Go to dashboard (control centre), settings, comments, scroll down and select "yes" for both "comment moderation" and "word verification". Save settings. Every comment now will need your personal approval before publication on your blog.

Monday, July 21, 2008

adding widgets

Q: I"m just starting to make a blog, I post my topic and everything is smooth, but I have a question and please help me. I want to add a site meter, banner, logo and ranking make by ALEXA, my problem is I don't know how to put that all in my blog..Please help me...

Widgets, gadgets or page elements are one and the same thing. Go to your dashborad, click on design>>add a gadget. Scroll down to "HTML/Javascripts", add to blog. Paste your gadget codes in the large box, save. You may drag and drop your new gadget anywhere on your blog.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

bX codes

I started a new blog put everything in went to publish it and it failed or wouldn't work. I got this error code, somebody please help me with this.

Report it here:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Delete duplicate or unnecessary posts

Q: How do I delete multiple posts?

If you wish to delete a duplicate post on this user forum, find the post, click on More options, remove, confirm:

If you wish to delete posts on your own blog, go to your dashboard, click on posts. A list of all your posts will appear. Select each post in turn and click on "delete" on the right hand side. Then confirm by clicking "Delete it"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reversing the order of posts

Q: How do you change the direction of your posts, instead of new posts going on top of the old ones, it goes in the opposite direction?

Yes, it is possible; but you have to do it manually by changing the date of each and every post. There is no short cut available.
Please go to your dashboard and click on:-
1. Edit posts (select one small square box from the bottom of the list)
2. Edit (bottom left corner is the "post options" button)
3. Post options (Scroll down and on the bottom right corner, you can manually change the post date)
4. Publish post
5. Repeat the process with the next post in a similar manner, until all your posts dates are changed. Then you have a different chronological order, based on the new dates. (your blog now reads like a book?)
6. When you add a new post from then on, remember to go back and edit the date after you published post.

(A scheduled post is created by editing the post date to a future date before pressing "publish")
This thread has a more technical way of doing it:

Friday, July 4, 2008

Advice to newbies

Q: Like others - and thank goodness I am not alone - I have no idea of what I am doing, how to do it, or or why. I am not that sharp on the computer, but I can do what I want to do ! Any help on getting the knack of this would really be appreciated. Thank you

Quite frankly, I was very much like you, and did not quite understand the concept. I have only been doing it for roughly two months, and I am still a novice.
I have a couple of recommendations. First, take it slow and do not do anything that seems complicated or dramatic. I see questions from folks all the time that suggest that something catastrophic has occurred.
Second, I have learned a little week by week, mostly by trial and error, and checking out this Google Group.
Third, I believer that it is helpful to understand what is going on conceptually, before actually trying to do it. In that regard, check out a couple of encyclopediac entries on blogging such as those on Microsoft Encarta or, and read what blogging is all about first. There is also a Blogging for Dummies book in some bookstores, which is very helpful. What you want is plain language.
Fourth and finally, the hardest thing to do is to figure out how to get people to visit your site. Blogger just published a piece on "Promoting Your Blog," which is half-way decent, although somewhat self-serving. At least the info is in one location. Go to . Good luck.
Logistician is right. Please don't try to do too much at first. Avoid codes, html and templates like the plague and you will have an enjoyable blog experience. Blogging web sites are free and so don't ever pay any money to any one. It does not work! I have also written a blog dedicated to newbies:

A blog or a group?

Q: I work for a nonprofit and we are interested in creating a blog for our organization and our volunteers, so that they can share thoughts. Does anyone have any tips?

If you are sharing thoughts a blog may be the thing you are looking for. Go to this screen: and register as a member.
1. go to dashboard.
2. click on "new post"
3. fill in the "title" and write your post inside the large box.
4. when you have finished typing, click on "publish post"
5. click on "view blog" and you will see your very first blog. Welcome to the club!
6. copy down the 2nd top line (on your monitor screen). This is your blog's URL address (http:// or you can save it in your favourites list for your future reference.
7. Go to settings again, click on permissions. Here you may add up to 100 email addresses of your volunteers to invite them to post on your blog.

However, I feel that you should also consider forming a Google group instead of a blog.
Membership is unlimited (>100 members). Both these web sites are completely free of charge.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

changing blog name

Q: how to change the blog name ?

A: Please go to settings, basic, title (change your blog name). Save.

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