Sunday, December 13, 2009

How do I contact Google?

Q: How can I contact Google by telephone or email?
A: You cannot talk to a Google employee. Blogger is a free service. Money is not available for setting up a help desk to serve 120 million bloggers, world wide, who do not speak the same language (English).

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  1. Ok I don't know how to figure Blogger our and you blog is giving me some trouble to. I'm an older person not used to the internet and Unless it's clear I don't seem to be able to be intuitive enough with this site to figure it out. So I'm hoping someone will give a damn and try to give me a hand when they see this. Blogger has taken to changing the colors of my post titles and links lately and I can't seem to be able to get that to change no matter what I do. I try changing templates and those same colors will follow it around. I tried to into advanced and it is no use. Nothing I can do will change it. The older posts just off the most recent page retain the original colors that go with the template I'm using but the most recent page has these colors that I cannot change and they are not going with any template really but least of all this one. How can I fix this? I have given up on it really and went to an easier site to continue there but I really would like to get back on this but that is pretty much impossible unless I can fix this issue. My blog is poeticsojourn


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