Thursday, April 26, 2012

New interface

I found many complaints from bloggers on the help forum, about using this new interface. There seems to be a lot of resistance to this recent change in the way we make/edit a post. I tried it out. It was not so bad at all. I do not understand why all this uproar and protests to move forward to a better way of doing things. I am 68 years old. If I can change, so can you (with a little more effort).

I tried posting a photo:
It was not too bad.I added a caption; but I could not add text in the post editor to describe this photo. Other than that it was fine when I first used this new interface. There was a little bit of fiddling around at first to find out stuff. With time, I am confident that I can survive this change just as I did the other upgrades over the last 6 years. Incidentally, I used Tx from the menu bar to move this text (from caption) to the right side of this photo. from then onwards the text flowed automatically down to wrap around this image. I also had to reformat the paragraphs removing all the unwanted empty spaces. This is probably caused by my Windows 7 software which is not compatible with Blogger. This is not such a big problem at all for any serious blogger.



  1. I do not like the new system. Can I go back to the old style dashboard?

  2. For the moment, yes you can still revert back to the old interface/dashboard. On the new dashboard, look at the top right hand corner for a symbol which looks like a wheel with teeth. Click on this wheel and select"old blogger interface"


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