Sunday, March 22, 2009

Microsoft Word incompatibility

Q: Hi, lately, I have been having problems putting text from a Microsoft Word document into my post. When the cursor is inside the text box, I hit paste and the writing gets pasted on the bottom of the page, below the text box. When I submitted the post, nothing came up.
Is there any way that I can paste text from a Word document into the text box or do I have to rewrite my entire article again in the text box?

A: Microsoft Word programme and Blogger are not compatible. There is a work around. Copy your document, paste to notepad (MS Works or Word Perfect 12). Copy again from notepad and paste to post editor. Publish.

More info on this thread:

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There is another way to paste inside the post editor (other than right click mouse or CTRL key).
Copy your text. Leave your cursor flashing inside the post editor. Use your menu bar, left click mouse on Edit/paste. All your text will appear inside your post editor!

For people using IE8 as browser, this thread has the answer, use the compatibility mode:


  1. This doesn't work for me. I originally wrote it in Word, then saved to notepad. I've even powered off and on again, but it still doesn't cut and paste from either Word OR notepad.

    One thing I did notice was that when I put my cursor inside the text box on blogger, and hit CTRL V, the subject line above moves up a bit. But no text appears. Very frustrating!

    Any other suggestions?


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