Thursday, March 31, 2011

I want my URL back

Q:  I deleted my blog and switched my google account and no longer have access to the blog url. What do I need to do in order to get the url re-activated?
A: That is correct. Deleting a blog is a sure way of putting the URL out of reach of every one, including yourself. You need to [undelete] your blog on your dashboard within 90 days. 

To access your dashboard again, you need to back track and re-establish your account. This will not be easy because only a Google team member can do this for you. There is no direct contact available, no help desk, no email, no tel No.

Starting a new account is easy but you will not be able to manage your old blog with it. To maintain control of a blog, convert it into a stub blog; never delete the blog or the account associated with it. Yours is a very common problem on this help forum. Many people assume  that deleting a blog is the end of the story. It certainly is NOT.

To set up an email alert, (so that you will receive an email, when some one answers your question), please come back to this page, scroll down and check the box under subscribe (Email me when people reply) and click on [save] before you leave this forum.

The other incorrect assumption people make is that they can easily come back on this help forum to look for replies to their question. This is not true because their thread will be buried under an avalanche of other questions post by other users (43M bloggers) within a matter of days. You need to set up this email alert. Then the replies look for you!

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