Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My posts disappeared

Q: Every time I create a new post I alter the date and time so that it will appear in chronological order, but everytime I do that the page disappears entirely and I can't access it from my homepage, how do I fix this?
A: It is possible that you are creating a scheduled post, unknowingly. The post will not appear until the scheduled date. To fix this error, always hit [publish post] after you have finished composing your new post. Then immediately edit the post to change the date as required.Do not use a future date because that is the way to create a sticky post!

Post dates
1. Hit [publish post] after finished composing. The post will appear on top (normal post).
2. Compose a new post. Change date to a future date, then hit [publish post]. A scheduled post is created. The post will appear automatically when the date arrives. This feature is used by busy people who still wish to post regularly at fixed intervals. Whenever they are free, they create a few posts, each one scheduled to appear at a fixed date in the future.
3. Hit [publish post] then edit the date to a future date (e.g. 2012). A sticky post is created. It will stick to the top of your home page until next year!
4. I think you may have done this which is none of the above:  
Compose a new post. Change date to a past date, then hit [publish post]. The post appears today but it will be slotted in chronological sequence on the blog.


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