Thursday, September 1, 2011

Add friends

Q: How can I [add] friends?
A: Blogger is not really a social blogging platform like FaceBook. We don't "add" friends to our blog. 
You can "follow" a blog if you wish and you can place a follower gadget in the side bar to "allow" others to follow your blog. If you feel extra generous, you can also add a subscribe gadget in your side bar to allow your viewers to subscribe to your blog. It is listed as feed and subscription links (under gadget>>basic). All viewers need to do is click on these icons and choose the way they wish to receive feeds from your blog. This will activate an email to them every time you make a new post.


  1. Dear David - I am pleased to visit this site. I am new to the Internet and computer so side track my exposure in English language. I have the same knowledge of Hindi and Spanish languages I request if possible to put the words to other persons who are on this site to go through the material and send their comments. I always like healthy criticism. I am away from religions but respects all religions of this earth.

  2. Regret that I will not publish any more comment other than on the subject of blogging.


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