Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reversing the order of posts

Q: How do you change the direction of your posts, instead of new posts going on top of the old ones, it goes in the opposite direction?

Yes, it is possible; but you have to do it manually by changing the date of each and every post. There is no short cut available.
Please go to your dashboard and click on:-
1. Edit posts (select one small square box from the bottom of the list)
2. Edit (bottom left corner is the "post options" button)
3. Post options (Scroll down and on the bottom right corner, you can manually change the post date)
4. Publish post
5. Repeat the process with the next post in a similar manner, until all your posts dates are changed. Then you have a different chronological order, based on the new dates. (your blog now reads like a book?)
6. When you add a new post from then on, remember to go back and edit the date after you published post.

(A scheduled post is created by editing the post date to a future date before pressing "publish")
This thread has a more technical way of doing it:

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