Friday, July 4, 2008

A blog or a group?

Q: I work for a nonprofit and we are interested in creating a blog for our organization and our volunteers, so that they can share thoughts. Does anyone have any tips?

If you are sharing thoughts a blog may be the thing you are looking for. Go to this screen: and register as a member.
1. go to dashboard.
2. click on "new post"
3. fill in the "title" and write your post inside the large box.
4. when you have finished typing, click on "publish post"
5. click on "view blog" and you will see your very first blog. Welcome to the club!
6. copy down the 2nd top line (on your monitor screen). This is your blog's URL address (http:// or you can save it in your favourites list for your future reference.
7. Go to settings again, click on permissions. Here you may add up to 100 email addresses of your volunteers to invite them to post on your blog.

However, I feel that you should also consider forming a Google group instead of a blog.
Membership is unlimited (>100 members). Both these web sites are completely free of charge.


  1. Thanks for being a resource to we newbies out here. I'll check out your blog periodically for updates. Thanks again.


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