Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog not on my dashboard

Q: i stupidly have 2 blogs i want to use but when i go to dash board to edit i m in! i dont want that address. ive made 2 blogs up, unfortunately with the same email address.i think how can i have in working order help please.

A: Having 2 blogs on one account is not a problem. In fact you can have as many blogs as you like with just one account. All your blogs will show up on one dashboard (one set of ID and password).

I think the problem is this. You could have started, by mistake, two Blogger accounts! You need to delete one of them to avoid further confusions. Your computer cannot handle more than one accounts and apparently neither can you. You need to remember to clear cache, log out and then log in using another set of ID and password if you wish to jump from one account to another. (can be done easily with two computers.)

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