Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reverse order of posts

Q: Is there a way to display my blog from oldest post to newest in chronological order? So someone could select first post, and then start reading till they get to the last entry. But by default it displays newest to oldest as normal.

A: There is no short cut to reverse the order of all your posts, all at once. However, if the number of posts is small, you can reverse the order by changing the date/time this way (one by one):
Please edit each post in turn. Click on "post options" and you may change the date (or the time) to whatever you wish. Publish post. You now have a new chronological order of posts, based on the new dates. (latest post first)

Here is a link with a hack:

Adam has a technical solution:

Aratina also has a gadget to reverse the order of posts:



  1. Very useful. I would like to have in my blog a certain post always on top. This is how I can do it without repeating the post. Cool.

  2. What you need is a "sticky" post. Just go to "post options" and change the date to next year. Publish post.

  3. Related to this, is there a way my posts can always be oldest to newest and does this seem like the way to go, since I am writing a biography and the story is on-going? Thanks!

  4. Sorry, this is the only method available now. You have to do it for every new post.

  5. I think I might set up a blog on a different blog site that let's me change this, because I find it very irritating... I am writing a story and it can sometimes confuse new readers if they don't know they have to read the bottom post first...

  6. Blogger is meant for blogs. The default position for a new entry will always be on top so that viewers do not need to scroll. If you use Blogger for writing a book, you will meet problems like this.

  7. Actually this can be achieved dynamically by using java script
    you have to place the javascript code above closing body tag

    I have posted a blogger hack to change post into reverse chronological order.........

  8. Ishan,
    Thank you very much for sharing this.


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