Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog address taken

Q: I want that blog address; but it was already taken.
A: Please think outside the square. Go alpha numeric (e.g. gordonmc859 dot blogspot dot com) I am certain that this blog address is available. I have over 60 blogs and never had a problem with picking a blog address. Be aware that visitors are attracted to visit your blog because you have interesting and varied contents, not because it has a fancy address. You can always change your blog address later when you think of a good one. Pick any available URL and start blogging today. 

However, the good news is this, right now you can still pick that blog name (title) you like, because blog name can be shared; blog address must be unique. Blog name (title) and blog address (URL) are not the same thing.

Change blog name (title) 
Please go to settings>>basic>>title.
Make the changes.
Save settings

Change blog address (URL)
settings>>publishing>>Blog*Spot Address
Make changes inside the box.
Save settings

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