Monday, April 11, 2011

How do I find my blog again?

Q: I started blogging today. How do I find my blog?
A: There is no need for any one to search around to find your blog when they know the address. They can go straight to your blog by pasting your blog address (URL) inside the address bar on a computer and press refresh.

To view your own blog, please click here:

However, if you wish to do more than just view your blog, you can because you are the owner (admin). If you wish to work on your blog, to change (edit) something or add a new post, photo or gadget, you will need to sign on here every time:
The different text colour indicates that it is an active link. If you click on a link here now with your mouse, you are taken instantly to the web address. Book mark this last one or add it to your favourite list. You will need this link to go to your control centre (dashboard)

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