Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Email me/call me

Q: Please email me/call me.
A: It would certainly be nice if one-on-one customer service is available from Google. For now, all we have is this Blogger Help Forum, manned by volunteers who are bloggers, just like yourself.

email me/call me
Volunteer helpers like me, will not call you on your phone or respond to your email directly because the answers will not be seen by other bloggers except you. This defeats the purpose of this forum: we share the answers with all bloggers (45 million world wide). This way the same question will not be asked again and again.

To set up an email alert, (so that you will receive an email, when some one answers your question), please come back to this page, scroll down and check the box under subscribe (Email me when people reply) and click on [save] before you leave this forum.
Why you need to subscribe
The incorrect assumption many people make is that they can easily come back on this help forum to look for replies to their question. This is not true because their thread will be buried under an avalanche of other questions post by other users (45M bloggers) within a matter of days. You need to set up this email alert. Then the replies look for you!

Reasons why not: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=2aac9dd019c86da0&hl=en

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