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This blog has over 53,000 followers!
I do not understand why there are so many followers. I will try to find out the real reason for the popularity of this blog. I came across this blog on the help forum:

Here are some useful tips given by Allie the author:

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
There really aren't any special secrets to being successful with blogging. Be nice. Try hard. If someone offers you a million dollars, say yes. Aside from that, the best advice I can give you is to just focus on what you can give to your readers.

People can't be tricked into liking something, so promotional tactics aren't going to automatically make you successful. In fact, I think promotional tactics often do just the opposite. Commonly recommended tactics like hosting blog give-aways, frequent guest-posting and/or link-trading, and posting links to your site all over the place can drastically dilute the quality of your content and make you seem very desperate. As for content, always try to view what you create from a reader's perspective - is it something you'd be interested in reading if you didn't know anything about yourself? Are your stories moving along or getting bogged down in details? Do your stories have a climactic moment or a payoff after the buildup?

Try to find ways to make your stories and experiences relatable to others. Use Google to research storytelling and test your stories out on friends and family. Spend a lot of time reading the work of people whose writing you enjoy and try to pin down what it is you enjoy about it. You can learn a lot by analyzing your own preferences. Become a sponge for information and constructive criticism. Always strive to improve and work really, really, really hard.

Also, paragraphs. Paragraphs are super important. Huge, unbroken walls of text are going to cause your readers' attention spans to shrivel up like an injured starfish.

And spelling. If you write like you're sitting there blithely hammering away at the keyboard with your fists, you will come off sounding like a troglodyte. It is terribly inconsiderate to expect your readers to wade through a wall of text speak and grammatically unsound ramblings.

If you're looking for shortcuts, you're doing it wrong. It might seem like this is an easy job or a quick way to make money, but it is absolutely not either of those things. It's nice to be able to set my own hours, but I probably end up working more hours than I would otherwise. It's enjoyable work and there are certainly much more grueling professions, but it is definitely not easy.

But if you really love what you're doing and you work very hard to make it entertaining and enjoyable, you'll do great.

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