Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photos gone!

This week many bloggers complained that their photos were not showing up on their blog. They see a back triangle like a no-entry sign or a square as shown here. It is still a puzzle why this is happening. Some bloggers point the finger at Google+ because soon after they signed up for it, their photos disappeared from their blogs. We are still investigating whether this is related to Google+.


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  1. Dear David - I have slightly gone through this site. You may be aware that I am Indian and live in Kurukshetra a holy place. Though there are Engineers in Computers and Electronics but they are not aware about ad sense. One Engineers told me that it may cost Rs.ten lac. One cannot effort such huge amount. Is there any solution to the problem. It is my desire to put some add with the my articles which I mail for the readers in I found many cheaters who after taking some money had shown their various difficulties in ad sense . I do not know the technique to put my photo which I shall try to manage.
    Kirpal Singh


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