Sunday, August 7, 2011

Template designer

Q:  I can't seem to find a place where I can easily change the font style of my blog description. How?
A: To change font under Advanced tab in template designer, you have to specify exactly which text you wish the font to change. It is not possible to change the font for every text all at once. Select one of these: Page, blog title, blog description, tabs text, date header, post title, gadget tile, gadget text, etc

The answer to your question

design>template designer>advanced>blog description>font
Pick a font style
Click [apply to blog] to save changes

design>template designer>templates
The permutations are unlimited under the template designer. No one has been to every corner of the template designer yet. Also, not every choice of template has the same features offered. Some times you may need to change the whole template, just to get a special feature you want:

On Blogger, we have 27 different templates under design>>template designer
Simple              7
Picture window  3
Awesome inc    6
Watermark        4
Ethereal            3
Travel                4

You can change the background, layout, adjust widths, advanced, etc to give you a unique template, different from everyone else. To save all your changes, click "apply to blog". 
Use a test blog
I would suggest starting a test blog and use that for finding your way around your blog:
On your dashboard, click [create a blog]. One Google account is good for 100 blogs
Here are my own test blogs: 

Blogging is really a personal journey of discovery. If we only have the help forum, the learning process will become too slow. We will be spending too much time asking questions and waiting for answers on the help forum. This is a slow way of learning. A quicker method is by using a test blog to try out ideas for ourselves. This is especially useful when we go into the the design tab to change the template in 1001 ways and we do not wish to screw up our main blog permanently. A test blog is very expendable. Please try using one or two test blogs. I know what I know now because I use test blogs, several of them.


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