Sunday, September 6, 2009

I can't google my blog.

Q: Hello, I set up a new blog site on 9/4/09 but I can't find it on the web. Why isn't it listed as a blog site?
A: If you are the blog owner, you do know its address (URL). There will be no necessity to search for your blog on the web. Paste your URL inside the address bar (not the search bar). Click refresh and you will be taken instantly to your blog!

If you wish to do more than "look" at your blog e.g. make another post or do some editing, sign on using your your ID and password here:

URL (blog address)?
When you click on "view blog", you will see your blog.
Right click and copy the contents of the address bar, your bog's URL address ( paste this URL in your email to share your blog with all your friends. (do not type URL, it leads to errors)
Save your URL in your favourite list (bookmark).

Here is a link giving more details:


  1. perhaps they are googling it to make sure the world can see it?

  2. New blogs cannot be googled until they have ranking on the web. That takes time, hard work, promoting your blog and getting search engines involved.


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