Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where has the video icon gone?

Q: It was working one moment, but I deleted the video, and when I went back to put a new one in, the option was no longer there! (In the tool bar)

You could be using the updated post editor which does not have the video icon.
Please go to settings, basic, scroll down to "select post editor".
Select "old editor".
Save settings.

The video icon should appear again on your post editor tool bar. You can switch back and forth as required.
Here is a link giving you another way to upload videos:



  1. thank you.
    I was searching all over the web - the blog is a new one I just created last week -- but why does the "new" editor not have the icon...strange.
    Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for your help!

  2. did not make a difference, still no ICON.

  3. Time to try clearing the cache, log out and sign on again.


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