Monday, October 11, 2010

Help centre

Q: I wish to learn more about Blogger. Where can I go?
A: There is a Blogger Help Centre:
and a blogger help forum:


  1. I am sorry but I seem to be technically stupid because I can't figure out Blogger or this particular blog. I want to post in the forum help a request for help because I want to stay with Blogger but If I cannot get any help then I'm forced to move on.

    My blog is and I have been using the "watermark" template that I was happy with until recently when it took suddenly to changing the blog post titles and links of recent posts on the most recent page to blue instead of the original orange. Now this color remains no matter what template I use or how many times I try to toggle between templates. I think it looks horrible now and further I can't get rid of this color by simply changing the template or any setting in the advanced settings. Could you please help?

  2. Please try to post your questions on the blogger help forum.


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