Monday, October 18, 2010

I want that blog name

A: Is there any way to transfer the address of a defunct blog to my site?
A: Yes, there is but you will have to do all the detective work by yourself. No one else is willing or able to do it for you. Google definitely will not help you because a blog is forever:

Even if you manage to contact the owner and he agrees to delete his blog, the URL is still not available to you. You need to show him how to transfer ownership of the blog to you. It is not a simple process. Since he has not used his blog in years, he probably hasn't got a clue how to do a transfer properly, (even if he remembers his ID and password). If he doesn't, then you probably have to show him how to get back his forgotten data for signing on to his forgotten blog. It is not really worth all this effort.

A blog is popular not only because of its unique name. Quality and quantity of the posts are also very important considerations for attracting visitors. Blog name can be shared by many blogs; but blog address (URL) has to be unique. Be happy just sharing the blog name and start posting to your blog today. You can always change your blog address later when you think of a better URL.

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