Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post editor

Q: Where is my post editor?
A: Please enter your ID and password here:
On your dashboard, click on new post or edit post.
A new window opens. This is your post editor.
If you do not see a full list of icons, click compose.


  1. Much good advice you have here, David. But isn't it worth it to own your own dot com blog for the flexibility it allows? Is this more respected among certain blog niches?

  2. Greg,
    Thank you for making all that hard work worth while. Please spread the word. Personally I do not believe in paying money to blog. A domain needs to be renewed every year, whereas a blogspot blog lasts forever and less hassle for the new bloggers.

  3. A dot com blog address is definitely much easier for readers to remember. I believe that a business should use a dot com domain and even pay money for a professional to set it up.

    Hobbyists/bloggers should stick with a blogspot blog. At least until they understand codes, feeds, templates, CSS, Javascripts etc...


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