Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogger Issues

Q: Are we having a lot of issues with Blogger?
A: Yes, we do have plenty of issues with Blogger right now :
1. the upgrade to the updated post editor has a lot of bugs.
2. many bloggers are still having problems uploading photos and placement since March 2010.
3. the template designer does not work for some browsers.
4. the header photo does not upload properly (blurry)
6. blogs removed as spam and the owners are not told clearly what has happened or how to get them reinstated (losing customers)
7. The auto-save for the post editor cannot be deactivated. Sometimes, hours of typing disappeared, without warning.
8. Cannot have a blog that reads like a book.
9. the follower gadget is not always working.
10. neither is the stats.
11. the gadgets in the side bar keep on falling down.
12. cannot paste text inside the post editor; have to type long hand.
13. comment box issues, still on going, since July 2010.
14. bloggers who forgot their ID and passwords cannot access their blog to delete them and Google refused to help, no matter what happens.
15. If your email address becomes inactive, you will lose control of your blog. Google won't help.
16. Some bloggers were not adequately warned about the relationship between Picasa Web Albums and Blogger.
17. The scheduled post feature has never worked properly.
18. Need to pay $5/year for more Picasa storage, otherwise cannot continue to post more photos on your blog.
19. On May 13, 2011, the whole Blogger system crashed for more than 10 hours: http://status.blogger.com/search/label/post%20mortem
Since then the system has developed numerous new problems:
Blogs not showing on dashboards,
[publish] button stopped working
[search this blog] not working
Cannot stay signed on
Followers, comments, posts disappeared
Cannot post comments, photos, new posts,

But all is not lost. We have this forum to iron out all these minor problems. Just post a question here. You will be pleasantly surprised how many members are fighting over each other, trying to help you, a fellow blogger. There are 183,000 members on this forum and many Blog*Stars. Some of them have really intimate knowledge about codes and how a blog works.


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