Sunday, January 9, 2011

Designing a unique blog

Q: How do I make my blog look different from others?

A: On blogger, we have 27 different templates under design>>template designer

Simple              7
Picture window  3
Awesome inc    6
Watermark        4
Ethereal            3
Travel                4

You can change the background, layout, adjust widths, advanced, etc to give you a unique template different from everyone else. To save all your changes, click on "apply to blog". Blogging is really a personal journey of discovery. I would strongly suggest that you create a test blog to try using the features offered in the template designer. Here is a tutorial:

You can further add gadgets to your blog to make it look even more outstanding.
Add gadgets
Dashboard>>design>>add a gadget.
You will see all the gadgets listed under 4 categories:
Basics (23)
featured (15)
most popular (4)
more gadgets (1638) 

However, please remember that visitors are attracted to come back to your blog because of the quality and quantity of the posts, not so much because of its appearance.

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