Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Domain problem

Q: How do I delete ever thing and start again?About two weeks ago I started a blog, a couple of days later I purchased the domain, although I was login I was asked to create new logins, I did then I tried to have my existing blog under my domain, three days later I could not access my blog on my domain log ins, I logged on the account I originally started the blog but I could not accessed from that account either. I deleted the blog and I try to start another under my domain I am getting the message that the domain it’s not available. Bottom line is I have a domain and a blog that other can access but not me. How can I delete everything and start fresh. And how long do I have to wait before I attempt to start my new blog. Please help.

A: I cannot help you with domains. All that I know is this: They are more trouble than they are worth. It is not necessary to buy a domain in order to blog. Just use the blogspot address for blogging. It is free. You don't have to wait, just start your blog right now.

Please click here: and follow the prompts.

Here is a video tutorial:

and the same thing again in words:

Later, when you have questions, some simple answers are available here:

For more complicated problems, please post your question on the Blogger Help Forum where our Blog*Stars/Top contributor will answer all your questions:


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