Monday, June 6, 2011

Wrong assumptions on both counts.

Q: Blogger keeps sending recovery info to a dead email address. Can't get it to send to Google account email address.
A: This is a security feature which prevents hackers from asking for your ID and password and getting it.
Google assumes that: A blog owner will always maintain an active email address for his blog.
Bloggers assume that: Google will maintain a record of their ID and password on the servers, this info is readily available to anyone who asks for it politely or simply yell: "help" real loud or that threatening to leave Blogger and going to WordPress would help in some way.

All these assumptions are wrong!

So, we now have this catch 22 situation with no real solution in sight.
These recovery links does not work:

They are just a polite way of reminding bloggers that it is their responsibility to maintain an active email address and remembering their ID and password.

Bloggers: I am leaving and going to WordPress!
Google:   goodbye!



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