Friday, June 3, 2011

Combining two Google accounts ?

Q: Is there a way to combine my Google accounts so that I can sign on to both using one common ID and password?
A: If you are using two different Gmail addresses, you have 2 Google accounts. I do not know of a way for you to combine your two accounts so that you can sign in to both accounts with one common ID and one password.

Operating two accounts can be done, provided you remember to keep them separate:
1. By using two separate computers.
2. by using two different browsers on one computer.
3. by using one browser on one computer; but doing an extra step to clear cache and cookies; sign off and sign back on, each time you use a different account.

Most bloggers have one Google account. Life is much simpler that way and you know exactly which is the real you.

When you have had enough, try combining the Blogger accounts under one Google account:

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