Sunday, June 5, 2011

This help forum is useless

Q: This help forum is pretty useless. Why aren't there easy, straight forward answers that even a child could understand?
A: 1. Experiment first with a test blog. 
Here is mine:
Perhaps that is what you need to do now: start a test blog. It is free. Blogging is really a personal journey of discovery. If we only have the help forum, then blogging will become too slow. We will be spending too much time asking questions and waiting for answers. This is a slow way of learning, especially for those with a steep learning curve.
2. Help someone else with their problems and in the process learn something new yourself. Try your hand also at posting answers rather than only questions on this help forum. Here are the answers I have posted on this forum: I have learned a lot just by looking for the answers for other bloggers. I recorded all the answers on this blog so that I do not have to look again. Perhaps you can find answers to all your questions. Please use the label list in the side bar.

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