Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hide my About me gadget

Q: My profile is taking up too much room. I want to move it to another page. How?
A: You can hide your bio. 
Edit your [About me] gadget by clicking on the tool icon (screw driver and wrench) on the bottom right corner. 
Remove the tick in the second small box [About me].

If you are still unhappy and wish to hide everything, you can remove the gadget completely from your side bar. Create a custom gadget, using a static page. Here is mine:

create a static page?
On your dashboard, click on edit posts>>edit pages>>new page
A page editor appears. Create a title for your page, create the page, publish page.
You are allowed to have 10 static Pages. They will appear horizontally, as tabs under your header. The first tab will always be [Home]. You may choose the names for the other tabs e.g. About me, contact me, photo galleries, recipes, my other blogs, etc.

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