Friday, June 24, 2011

Delete my blog for me.

Q: How can I use the url that I've ever made ? I totally forget the username & password, so I want to create a new one now.
A: The short answer:
Please use this blog address (URL): ricky-haryadi (with a hyphen)
You can re-use the same blog name: rickyharyadi (blog name can be shared)

The long answer:

I am afraid that you seem to have got it all wrong. Things don't work this way on the internet at all. You create the mess, somebody else, or Google will not follow behind you to clear it all up. You have to clear up your own mess. Always. 
If you wanted something fixed, you will have to fix it yourself. You cannot do this if you don't know the ID and password. We are here only to show you how.

Yours is not a new problem. We have numerous requests to delete blogs, daily. Google does not delete unwanted blogs. In fact they do not provide a contact email address or tel No. Volunteer helpers, like me, are bloggers just like you. We have no access or authority to do it for you. Any way, after deletion, the URL will be locked for 90 days. You cannot re-use it, any way. Unwanted blogs should be made into stub blogs or test blogs. All on the one Google account which is good for 100 blogs.

Every blogger has to realize that they are responsible for their own blogs. To manage your blog as an admin, you have to maintain an active email account and record down your password somewhere safe. That's all.

Deleting any thing Google is a sure way of putting things out of your own reach. Please don't do it.

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