Wednesday, June 11, 2008

add search box

Q: How can I add search option in my blog's homepage?

These are the codes:

<form action="/search" method="get">

<input name="q" type="text"/>

<input value="Search" type="submit"/>


Go to layout, click on:-
1. "add a gadget" (scroll down to html/javascript)
2. "add to blog"
(paste these codes in the large box. Title: search this blog)
3. save (you can now drag and drop your new search box any where on your page.)


  1. hello david how can i drag and drop my banner ad after i post it in the add html/javascipt what is the right procedure pls send me the answer at

  2. Hi. How do you get the html code to show in your post? Normally, this would interpret the form and show the search box!

  3. I used this:

  4. but it is not searching my posts


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