Sunday, June 1, 2008

adding html/javascripts codes to blog

Q: How do I insert a Javascript counter code on my blog?

Go to dashboard. Click on:-
2. add a page element (scroll down to html/javascript)
3. + (add to blog) paste your counter codes inside the large box
4. save changes (you can drag and drop this element)
5. save


  1. I don't really know what this gadget for. I tried anyway, just out of curious.

    Step number 3, what you mean 'add to blog'? cos I was asked for fill the title, and large box below it.
    Kindly enlight me. Thankyou. I really do like this place.

  2. "add to blog" means pressing the "+" sign. You have already done so because you were looking at the new window with the blank boxes, one for the title and the big one for the codes.


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