Saturday, June 14, 2008

wrench & screw driver

Q: How do I get rid of the wrench and screw driver?

The Wrench and Screwdriver are there for your use. They are for Quick Editing of their respective Page Elements. No one else can see them. Don't worry about them. Only you can see them.

(If you are not logged in, you will never see it. The rest of your readers never see it at all. That's just how the system is set up. If you can stop being annoyed, the Quick Edit icon is tremendously convenient unless you NEVER have to revise or correct a post.) (Those are icons that only you can see. They are quick-edit tools available to you, to edit either your page elements or your post more easily. No one can see them on your blog. You cannot see them on my blog. It's all priivate, and it's all safe. Others have worried just like you, but there's nothing to it. Every so often, someone who insist that the icons persist in showing even they have logged out of Blogger, but it doesn't matter in this sense--no other parties WERE EVER able to see your quick-edit tools or your email address, unless they looked over your shoulder.. )Rat

Those are shortcuts to the page element's editor. They will go away when you log out. Regardless, no one but you can see them or use them. hbl

If you are really bothered by the wrench, Chuck has a solution:

Lawny also has one:

add this code near the top it will hide them

display:none; }

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