Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Q: I have created a blog. now in the dash board so many "blogs of note" have been added. How to delete or edit them? first of all what is this DASHBOARD? how to make your blog known to many people?or how to make it an active popular blog?

The dashboard is where all your blogs are listed under your Google account. You are the only person who can go in there to edit/delete your posts or blogs (ID and password required) . Visitors or authors to your blog cannot edit what you have post. Co-authors can edit their own posts. Visitors can read and post comments only under each post.

You cannot delete the "blogs of note". It is Google's way of showing you other people's outstanding blogs to give you a guide line. If you scroll down further you will also see the lattest updates/changes to Blogger (buzz).

To become popular in the Blogosphere takes a lot of hard work. You need first to post some interesting stuff that many people want to read/see/listen/watch.

Then you get the search engines involved by submitting your blog for listing:
Here are just a few:
Submit Express:


  1. david i hope you can help me i really want to start my blog but i have problem posting my banner ad i have the right banner code but it won't convert to image,what is the right way of using the html editor you can also send me you answer to my email

  2. I regret very much that 0ne-0n-0ne coaching through private emails are not usually entertained for the following reasons:

    1. It will defeat the purpose of a help forum. Only you will see the answer to your problem, no one else.
    2. I will have to repeat my answers too many times to every single new bloggers in the future.

    Enjoy your blogging!


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