Monday, June 2, 2008

Clearing cache

Q: How do I clear my cache and cookies?
For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Click Tools at the top of your browser window.
Select Internet Options from the menu.
Select the General tab, if it's not already selected.
Locate the Browsing history section and click Delete.
In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete files.
If a pop-up window appears, click Yes.
In the Cookies section, click delete cookies.
If a pop-up window appears, click Yes.
For other web browsers:

For Google Chrome:

  1. On the upper right, from the Tools menu (
    Chrome Tools menu
    ), select Options.
  2. From the Under the Hood tab, click Clear browsing data... .
  3. Select the items you want to clear (e.g., Clear browsing historyClear download historyEmpty the cacheDelete cookies and other site data).
  4. You can choose the period of time for which you want to clear cached information from the Clear data from this period drop-down menu. To clear your entire cache, select Everything.
  5. Click Clear browsing data.

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