Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where is my blog

Q: I'm a newbie in blogging.. I could not find my blog when i search in the internet. Why was that?

It will take time for your blog to be indexed by search engines. You can hurry it up if you work on it. You need to promote your blog:

Meanwhile you can always locate your blog by using the address:
Go to this screen:
1. sign on to blogger using your ID and password
2. Go to settings>>publishing>>Blog*Spot address,
3. Your blog's URL looks like this: (http://
4. Copy/paste it on an email to friends and family members, instructing them to use the address bar.
5. Share your URL (blog address) with bloggers at the "coffee shop"
6. Visit other people's blogs, posting comments under their posts.
7. Update your interests list on your profile. These are links to other bloggers who have the same interests as you.


  1. okay...that explains that

  2. David,

    We have spoken before, I am still locked out of my blog,Organized Rage, started on 26 June, any ideas, I have done all that was requested but am still awaiting blogger to unlock me.



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