Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adsense ads

Q: I cannot seem to get ads on my blog. I copy and paste the codes into my HTML, but still nothing.

You don't need codes to put Google Adsense ads on your blog.
Go to layout and click on:-
1. add a gadget (select Adsense)
2. add to blog (configure ads)
3. save


  1. Oh!!! Thanx for that...that was always a little confusing.

  2. sir, i used adsense in my gadget. but whenever i changed the theme same like ur theme. it's can not display, but i used simple theme, it's showed the adsense ad.plz reply thanks

  3. I don't really u-stand abt adsense n not really think abt to make money. Just feel it will be nice to have 2or3 ads in my page. Join Adsense, they approved then give me code, which I follow step by step, until further..kind of too complicated for me. (I did until choose the color).The filling blank parts quite confusing for me. So, my adsense shud stil hanging out there somewhere. Help..!


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