Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Q: I look through my own blog to view comments, and it does not show the new blogs. It will be frozen like this for weeks, and then be ok. Also I looked up my blog and others blogs on a new computer that I did not set the account up on and there are all sorts of updates on their pages that I can not view from my blog page. Basically recent posts do not show from my own blog on my computer, nor do new posts from other blogs.

A: Clear your cache and cookies. On the menu bar above. Click:-
1. Tools
2. internet options
3. delete
4. delete all (your browsing history, temp files, cookies etc)
5. ok


  1. HUGE problem. I did what you said, and now when I try to log into my blog account, etc. It sais my account as been disabled! HELP

  2. I tried to access your blog. It is still there. It is ok. Go to this screen:
    Sign in to blogger using your ID and password.



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