Saturday, May 24, 2008

Deleting a blog

Q: How do I delete my blog?

Sign on using your ID and password here:
Go to dashboard and click on:
1. settings
2. basic (
under "blog tools" you have 3 options. One of them is "delete blog")
3. delete blog
4. delete this blog 

Word of caution:
After you have deleted your blog, you may not be able to access it again to edit it. Your deleted blog will remain for up to 6 months in Google's cache.  Spammers might claim it and use it as a porn blog. It is much better to delete all the posts and make the blog into a 'stub' blog, leaving these words on it: 'Stub Blog'; without actually deleting the blog. You may then take it off your blog roll and forget about it forever. 

(Please note that deleting a blog does not make the URL available for reuse.)

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