Wednesday, May 28, 2008

see other's blogs

Q: Where can I find other people's blogs to read?

1.Click on "next blog" on the Navigation bar
2. Browse recently updated blogs:
3. Do a Google blog search:
4. Update your interests list on your profile eg: reading, golf, blogging. Any interests that you list in your Blogger profile will become links to other people with the same interests.
5. read the "blogs of note" listed on your dashboard.
6. Go to the "coffee shop" (listed under Blogger on this page). Hover your mouse over the bloggers' names. A bubble will show up with their blog's address. Make a bubble for yourself, so that others can also find your blog easily. I have a bubble. You need one too.
7. Have a look at other people's list of "blogs I follow", (on their profile.)
8. Browse through Argentum Vulgaris's blog:


  1. You have a lot of helpful info! I'm saving your blog just in case I need more answers! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the feed back. You are most welcome to use this blog and tell all your friends about it.


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