Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why blog?

Q: How can I start blogging and how many types of blogging possible, and what do I gain in return? Please help me out! 

The Catholics go to confess their sins regularly to a priest. They come out from the church refreshed and recharged to face the world again for another day. The rest of us who are buddhists, moslems and whatever have blogs to help us maintain our sanity.

There are many types of blogs. Mostly a blog is our safety valve for ranting against the government. Blogging is free of charge. Any one can have one or several blogs. Some blogs are more social than others. They have contact lists or links, recipes, hobbies, DIY, interesting articles, photos, videos, music, stuff for sale, comment boxes, gadgets, forums etc. The list is endless. I even blogged about blogging! There is no hard and fast rules. You do what you like with your own blog. Choose any template and fill it up with posts or gadgets.

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some reasons:

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