Monday, May 26, 2008

Photo placement

Q: When I upload images to my blog they come only at the very top of the blog. That requires me to go through an arduous process to move them down to the place where I want them in the blog. Moreover, it seems impossible to place images side by side, rather than one underneath the other. I need much better control of image placement.

That is the way it is in blogger! However, there is another way. Right click the uploaded photo - cut and then paste where you want it to be. As far as side by side photos, you have a choice on the uploading wizard - left, center, right. Depending on the photo size - and its padding, you may be able to place them side by side. This is a trial and error method - unless you can handle HTML codes.
Word of caution:
You need to watch your photo size too, as the sidebar can be pushed away and 'disappear' to the bottom of your page!


  1. While making a post, I used to always move my photos around by just clicking on them and dragging to the down scroll arrow until I got to the place I wanted them. I've done it this way for 2 years, and now all of a sudden, starting last night, I can't move them anymore. Any suggestions?

  2. This is happening to me too and I can't cut and paste mine as instructed above! This is so frustrating! Any solutions?

  3. You can move a photo around if you cut and paste the photo's html codes.

  4. I tried to post photo side by side (Using your tips). 2 Smaller photos appear side by side with wide gap in between. This happened in preview. When posted it, They are one on top of another again. There so much left over place..If just I can arrange those lovely photos...

  5. Janti,
    Every one is still fiddling around trying to use the new updated post editor. This post here was written for using the old editor. Here is a tutorial for the new updated editor:


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