Saturday, May 24, 2008

Uploading photos

Q: How do I upload photos?

If you wish to upload photos to your blog. Click:
1. new post
2. "add image" icon. (on the "compose mode" tool bar, 3rd icon from the right)
3. browse (max 5 photos at a time)
4. upload image
5. done

6. publish post

(If you have Picasa, fill the tray with photos you wisk to add to your blog.

Upload photos to your blog directly by using the button "blog this")


  1. Hi, seems simple enough, BUT-it says it uploads, but nothing shows in the post. I am attempting to load a photo from Picassa in my post. I can not find the Blog this button on my Picassa site. I have added a slideshow from Picassa and that worked, but can not get a single photo to upload whether it is in a post or just a picture. When I attempt a picture it says the url is bad. I copied the path from the link this in the picture. Any ideas?

  2. The "blog this" button is at the bottom of the Picasa screen. First, you need to fill your "tray" to identify the photo you wish to upload.

  3. Don't know where the tray is to fill. Tried doing searches in Picasa help-but didn't find anything specific. Now, I am wondering. I am currently using a laptop that does not have Picasa installed on it nor does it have any pictures on it. Would this be the issue? I was just trying to use a picture I already have uploaded to Picasa. I am unable to access my desktop at this time. Thank you for your help and patience.

  4. To find the tray, please read the Picasa user guide. If your lap top does not have the Picasa software, it is easy to download one from the web. You cannot use a picture that is not there and also not having a Picasa software programme.

  5. Is there a way to add more than 5 pictures through Blog this? If not, can I go back and add more to the same post as if I were doing it through Blogger?

  6. Yes, of course! Even without Picasa you can upload many photos, 5 at a time.



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