Saturday, May 24, 2008

What is my blog's URL?

Q:What is a homepage url ? After I have made a blog how do I find it again so I can post and let friends know about my blog ?

Your blog has a unique address (URL) on the internet. Any one can access your blog and see it by pasting the URL inside the address bar and press "refresh".

Authors/owner (you) can go one step further. You can create/edit posts. Only you know the ID and password to sign on and change/edit any thing on your blog. Anyone else can certainly see your blog if you give them the correct address (URL). Older blogs can be "found" by googling key words, without even knowing the URL.

Go to this screen: and sign on to blogger using your ID and password.
To see your URL (blog address), please go to settings>>publishing>>Blog*Spot Address.

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