Friday, May 30, 2008

completely new to blogger

Q: I have never done a blogging page before. Can anyone help me ?
The only way to learn is to sign in to Blogger as a member and try doing it. Go to this screen: Sign up as a member, (record down your ID and password)
1. click on "new post"
2. fill in the "title" and write your document inside the large box.
3. when you have finished typing, click on "publish post"
4. click on "view blog" and you will see your very first blog. Congratulations, you are now a blogger!
5. copy down the 2nd top line, your blog's URL address (http:// or save in favourites list for your future reference.

If you have any more questions, please check here first for immediate answers.
If the answer is not there, please post another question on the blogger help forum.
118,000 members on this forum are standing by to help you.

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